Tapping Chuck WFSL

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Application: tapping of big internal threads in machine, engine, turbine and power station engineering
Machine type: manufacturing centres, portal milling, drilling and special purpose machines


  • quick change mechanism for tap adaptors
  • adjustable safety clutch in the chuck
  • modular shank system
  • length compensation on tension and compression
  • adjustable length compensation
  • ball cage sleeve
  • automatic coupling of the adaptors (set of taps e.g. pipe taps)


  • quick tool change – reduction of machine down time, higher productivity
  • no quick change adaptors with safety clutch required – cost reduction for the system
  • more flexibility by changing the location, chuck can be used on different machines -smaller number of tools in stock, reduced cost
  • can be adjusted acc. to the manufacturing process requirement – high flexibility

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Tapping chucks and adaptors for the production of larger threads

The WFSL tapping system is used for the production of larger size threads as required in the turbine and reactor industries. The system can be used on both manual or numerically controlled machines.
The interchangeable flange mounting configuration of the chucks ensures the adaptability to a variety of machine spindle types. Also the length compensation on the chucks, plus the adjustable safety clutch on the adaptors, ensure effective and accurate tapping under the most difficult conditions.

In addition to this, the system is designed for rapid and easy adaptor change. The system is also available with coolant feed. The system is designed to accommodate tapping both with a single tap or series taps. When tapping with series taps, a narrow thread is produced initially, using the first of the series taps. Prior to the tapping of the full thread form, the plug tap, already locked into the adaptor, must be engaged by hand into the thread in order to prevent double threading.

When engaged the spindle drives with rota tion against the adaptor which clutches in automatically, then the final tapping can take place. Tapping chucks and adaptors are also available with internal coolant feed.

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