CN1500 · CN2500

Mua ngay Gọi điện xác nhận và giao hàng tận nơi
• Cermet solution for high speed steel turning• The next generation cermet with higher wear and chipping resistance in high speed machining

• High resistance to chipping and thermal cracking
– Uniformed micro grain substrate improves chipping resistance and thermal crack resistance.

• Excellent surface finish
– Specially designed cutting edge geometries decrease surface roughness.

CN1500 · CN2500

Cermet tools are commonly applied when machining carbon steels. These applications frequently result in crater wear on the rake surface of insert and chipping caused by built-up edge.
This occurs because carbon steel has a lower hardness than alloy steel and has a higher tensile strength, which often results in built-up edge.

This new P15 cermet grade, CN1500, was engineered to provide improved stability in turning applications at high speeds and when finishing. Wear resistance and anti-chipping have been significantly improved and crater wear on the rake surface of insert is largely prevented in the continuous machining of carbon steel and alloy steel. This can result in up to a 30% increase in tool life compared to conventional tools with test results that show a 1.6 times improvement in surface finish.

To expand on the excellent performance of CN1500 at high speed and continuous cutting of carbon steels, CN2500 was developed for machining various workpieces such as cold / hot forging steel and sintered ferrous materials.

This new CN2500 grade has a specially sintered uniformed micro grain matrix to improve stability even in the toughest machining conditions, like heavy interruptions, high feed, or severe vibrations. Test results of surface roughness showed a 1.4 times improvement with CN2500.

The next generation cermet series CN1500 / CN2500 will consistently produce successful result without compromise.


• Minimum tolerance
– Stable tool life

• Optimal cutting edge design
– Excellent surface roughness

• Good balance of grade and chip breaker
– Successful in terms of geometric accuracy and tool life

• Applicable to carbon steel, alloy steel, bearing steel, sintered ferrous alloy, etc.
– Comprehensive range covering various workpiece materials

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