KED Drill

Mua ngay Gọi điện xác nhận và giao hàng tận nơi


• For small diameter drilling
– Excellent chip control for small diameters (Ø13~Ø23.5) due to optimized chip flute design• For medium to large diameter drilling
– Smooth chip evacuation and improved surface finish due to wider chip pockets in medium to large diameter (Ø24~Ø60) drilling


KED Drill


The KED DRILL is an economical drill which features optimized chip flutes for each drilling size.


The KED DRILL holders for small diameters (Ø13~Ø23.5) offer excellent chip control due to cutting fluid and chip flute design. And for medium to large diameters (Ø24~Ø60), chip pockets were widened to enhance machining stability and surface finish even in deep drilling.


A set of diversely shaped central and peripheral inserts optimize centering and balance. Improved stability enables boring deep holes up to a range of between two to four times the drill diameter (2D~4D).


The KED DRILL inserts have three kinds of chip breakers to suit a range of applications : PD for general purpose, LD for mild steel and hard-to cut materials, and ND for aluminum machining. The optimized grades for the central and peripheral inserts maximize cutting tool life.

Thus, higher stability and excellent cutting result boosts productivity and reduces tool cost.


• High resistance to chipping and wear
– Optimized grades for multiple types of drilling

• Excellent chip control and surface finish
– Optimized chip breakers for various workpiece type

• Stable machining
– A set of diversely shaped central and peripheral inserts

• Reduced production cost
– Cost-effectiveness

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